Oana and Andrei


We are always trying to come up with some new ideas, techniques, tricks on the weddings we shoot. This time I'm happy I got some multisubject shots, 1 ,2 - where you can admire the texting girl's look, she was actually quite nice all day long, this is not representative for her - and 3. Their wedding theme was "Italy", hence the rings on spaghetti, the Vespa, the Italian movies and the romance between them. Andrei and Oana had quite a few guests from England and it seems like they are a must for a great party! 
Hint: If you want a free goose or doves on your wedding day or maybe if your meal is too cold and want some fire to warm it up, invite Verdini to the venue, he can do all of the above and also put a smile on your face. :)