Meet the Braghes!


Who is Braghe? Braghe is a short vesion of the groom's last name and it's mainly used by his close friends. I chose to use it because while shooting their wedding they made me feel like their friend, not a photographer.
Braghe, the groom, is also a photographer. He was almost reading my mind while I was shooting, that's why I was working harder to suprise him. I hope I succeeded. :) In this post you may find more ts-e shots than usually since we both love these kind of lenses and Braghe has nothing against out of focus legs. :)

Little behind the scene about this picture:
No, the groom was not already regreting that he had just got married, neither was he thinking that his photographer had embarassing or crazy ideas. Ok, that actually happens quite a lot, but not this time. :) I told you already, I was working harder here. I asked Silvia, the bride, to run and jump spinning in a particular point, exacty where the depth of field was in this composition. So, I litteraly told her to "leave spinning"="du-te invartindu-te", which in romanian turned out to be quite funny because this phrase has a different meaning too. And that's the moment when Braghe got this magnificent joke and started laughing, bringing his hand to his face.

Near the end of this post, you'll start to see some photographs with the subject appearing twice in the frame. No, you did not get drunk out of the blue. At least I hope so. :) Those are just 1.3 sec exposures with added finger triggered flash on repeat mode, twice per second, with the camera moving fast horizontally to avoid overlapping. I call them stereo shots.