Eugen and Ana - Maldar Mansion destination wedding


Timisoara is a beautiful city, with lots of tasteful architecture and the two architects Eugen and Ana cosider it their hometown. Despite all these things they decided to have a destination wedding. They chose Maldar Mansion which is 300 km away from Timisoara because they have a fine eye for beauty and wanted something even more special for their wedding. There's no need to say they are creative, as you will be able to tell by reading the following. The candles at their wedding were very special. They were hand made by Ana and Eugen, decorated with fragments of the written project they were working on, during college, when they met. My trustworthy friend, Dan, was again a big help to me at the wedding. He deserves credits for this picture and this work of art.
We were in awe as they told us that they are abstract, minimal and grahphic photography lovers, so we strongly went for this style at the after wedding photo session.