There weren’t many sunny days this year in June, but it seems like Ema talked the sun into showing it’s face pretty much all day long. It gave us joy in the morning as we were preparing to meet Ema for the first time and it gave us inspiration during the entire day. The baptism took place in our favourite church in Cluj, one with spectacular minimal design. As the sun was shining through the windows of the church everything looked cheerful and golden. There is a particular window in the ceiling, it’s like a door in the sky, that lets in the perfect amount of light at the perfect time on the wooden angels at the altar. If you don’t believe in God you’re screwed because that perfectly beautiful moment makes you a believer.
The main attraction (besides Ema of course) was the candy bar. Sweets made by Anda, one of the best confectioners in Cluj kept the guests veeeery close to the candy bar for a while :). The kids were in awe, and we are sure the adults felt the same way but were afraid to admit their feelings fearing not to get too attached :). The homemade sweets looked and tasted so homemade that the DJ ordered a glass of milk next to his cookies to feel just like home. We have to admit that even if we tried very hard we couldn’t stay away for too long from the salted caramel cookies. There! We came out of the closet about our guilty pleasure.
You may wonder what's going on with that fly. Well... that's another story.