Danube Delta destination wedding - Stefan and Ola


This story was shot during 3 days: the evening before the wedding, the wedding day and some of the day after the wedding. On the 3rd day I took pictures just to set a new record and fill up my 128 gb cards in my camera. So here are a few thing that must be said about their wedding:
- I liked their ceremony because it was not at all complicated. They just put on their wedding rings and their god parents spoke a few words.
- No, the mutilation of the dog was not their idea, the poor dog had his ears cut before they purchased it.
- Just like the other guests we also received sandwitches as a noon snack, which was a nice surprise.
- Needless to say this was an absolutely insane wedding with many guests + photographer gone crazy. You will also find one of the most abstract selfies among these pictures. Hint: BW
- Again, some shots belong to my reliable assistant, Dan.

And now let me tell you the story of these two beautiful people.
When Stefan was a little boy he used to spend many vacations at a house his parents own in Sfantu Gheorghe. Ever since then he promised himself that his wedding, whenever it may be, would take place there. He couldn't imagine it elsewhere.
In the meantime he went to school, had different jobs, and then... life happened.
In the summer of 2011, in a Saturday morning, Stefan was leaving Vama Veche alone in his car. A girl with a backpack was hitchhiking. He stopped. They were actually 3 girls, all of them foreigners and they were having an internship in Bucharest. They talked on the way, exchanged phone numbers and after a week they all met again for a tea. After one more week, on the 7th of July 2011 they wrote him they were going out in the old city. Just that now there were 7 girls and among the "new" ones there was Ola. That's how they met. The night ended at 4 AM in Club A. They are together ever since and this is the date written on their wedding rings. After about 3 weeks Ola moved in because her internship was over and after one more month he was at her place in Poland picking up all her stuff.
Since then they constantly learn from each other and complete each other. He taught her how to drive and snowboard and she is becoming better than him. She taught him how to be a better person, but he says he will never be better than her.
The wedding location was Ola's gift for him and together they managed to make it beautiful. It was a wedding organized 100% by them, for them and with the people who really matter to them. They hope it will be their only wedding and they wanted it to be a very beautiful memory. Some things did not change after the wedding, for example he still can't wait to get home.