Aurelien & Polina - sketching the true love


This is yet another international wedding, this time a belgian handsome groom with a true russian lady. Watching and photographing these two was a photographers dream come true. Capturing their tender gestures, sincere caresses and emotional smiles during the entire day, especially on the photo shoot, was really touching. Since the ceremony was held in french and translated to russian, I asked the grooms to describe some moments from the ceremony

The sand ritual:
combination of black and white sands symbolizes both the union and the respect of our differences within our couple, our cultures, characters, backgrounds. Indeed, the true love is to be together and to be one at the same time. It's when your faults are my faults, your happiness is my happiness, ... we would like it to be true for us. It starts with a little everyday sacrifice made with love.
The ribbon ritual: 
During this ritual, the bridesmaid and the best man reminded us the rules for a happy marriage where each ribbon represented a 'rule' such as: criticize each other only with tenderness, during an argument always make sure that the other is right, never go to sleep before fixing an argument, know to forgive and to apologize, everyday make a gesture of love. Our thoughts during this ritual: In our mind, we felt like the ribbons were just about to tie in a strong knot, because the words pronounced represented values that we both naturally respect since the very beginning. 
You should know that the scale we were offered had no perfect balance without a little but most important weight. The real balance is not actually equalized between 1 portion of good against 1 portion of bad. Justice against injustice will never be balanced on the scale without a little bit of love. Sweet words will never compensate arguments without love... 

I finally succeded in accomplishing an ideea I've been having for a while. I wanted to photograph the groom from the very first moments of the day, when his alarm clock starts ringing.