Augustin and Alina


There are people you really don't click with from the very first moment of contact, with whom you really have nothing in common and have nothing to talk about besides the weather.  The music they like is what you hate, the things they believe in is what you ignore. 

Well... this is NOT Alina and Augustin's case :). 
Let us tell you just a couple of things about them so that you can get a glimpse of why we like them so much. First of all Augustin is a musician and he very well knows his music. To prove that, just see for yourself by reading the next lines. A few days before the wedding Alina went to a beauty salon to try a few make-ups and hair styles for the big day. Augustin accompanied her, but after an hour of waiting he decided to leave and come back for her when she was ready. The moment came only after... a while, but the waiting was worth it. He told her she was beautiful and all but still he had a wonder. How would her hair and make-up hold until the wedding... As we said, Augustin is a good musician :) 
Augustin is a base player, and a romantic one. On their wedding day he surprised her by singing "Window Blues" by Band of Heroes, the song they listened to when they first said "I love you". He sang a few lines and asked her to sing along with him, but it sounded really good when he let her sing alone. As we said, he is a good base player :)
When we all met before their wedding day we spent sooo much time talking and laughing that we just didn't feel the time fly that fast away. We clicked from the very first hand shake. They are "people-you-wanna-spend-time-with", you want to hear them talk, you want to listen Augustin play for his lovely bride (we forgot to mention that he plays in a really good band - The Amsterdams), you want to be in awe as you see Alina's gorgeous wedding dress and her adorable smile, you want to make friends with their cool godparents and you want to see their artist friends' smiles as Alina and Augustin dance so close to each other and so in love.

The visual story starts with the evenening before the wedding, the very moment we met them and their godparents. Some pictures were shot on film. You'll know which when you'll see the grain.